Bonding solutions to secure your next export-related project

Bonds are often a prerequisite for Australian exporters and companies providing goods or services to domestic export-related contracts.

If you’re a direct exporter or a company in an export supply chain, our bond facility can help your business secure your next export-related project.

We can work with your bank to provide a guarantee to support a bank-issued bond, or provide a bond directly to your buyer.

Issued directly to your
buyer or your bank

Less cash security
than a bank may

Available for multiple
projects with different

Support exports in
emerging markets

Bonding options for your export-related projects:

Advance payment bonds

Provide your buyer with security for their advance payment under an export-related contract.

Performance bonds

Give the buyer of your product or service assurance that if you don’t meet your obligations under a contract the buyer can call on the bond to reduce its losses.

Warranty bonds

Protect your buyer from loss if you don’t meet your contractual warranty obligations after the contract is completed.

US surety bonds

Allow you to meet your US bonding requirements and compete more effectively by supplying a surety bond from our registered US surety bond issuer, Liberty Mutual Insurance.

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