Supply Chain

Helping export supply chain businesses grow

If you’re a business supplying into a project where the end product is exported, and there is a close connection between what you provide under your contract and the performance of the export contract itself, then you may be an integral part of an export supply chain.

You do not need to sell directly to the exporter. As long as it can be verified that the final product is exported you may still be considered an integral part of the export supply chain.

How Export Finance Australia can help

We help Australian businesses in the export supply chain across sectors like engineering, advanced manufacturing and construction to win export-related opportunities.

We can provide you with a loan or partner with your bank to complement the financial solution they provide, so you have the funds needed to fulfil your orders.

Bonds are often a prerequisite for businesses in an export supply chain providing goods or services to domestic export-related contracts.

Here is an example of a supply chain business we’ve helped secure an export-related contract.

Ferra Engineering
Industry: Manufacturing/Defence

“With these large orders, maintaining cashflow throughout can be a challenge
and that’s where the assistance of Export Finance Australia and our bank has been invaluable.”
Mark Scherrer, Managing Director, Ferra.

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