A guarantee can help your business secure the finance you need from your bank. Whether it’s to support a specific export-related transaction or to help you expand to new overseas markets, our guarantee will help you take on the world.

How our Guarantee works:

Step 1 Export contract

You enter into a contract with your overseas buyer or a company in an export supply chain


You have developed a strong business case to support your overseas expansion.

Step 2 Bank You apply for finance with your bank to support your export contract or overseas expansion.
Step 3 Export Finance Australia application You or your bank apply for a guarantee facility with us.
Step 4 Guarantee approved and provided We provide you or your bank with a guarantee facility to support your export-related activities. 
Step 5 Bank funding Your bank provides you with finance.
Step 6 Buyer repayments A special account controlled by your bank is set-up and used to repay drawings.

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