Our guarantee is available to Australian export businesses or companies in an export supply chain.

We work with your bank to help you get the support needed for your business.

The key eligibility criteria

Annual revenue of over A$250K last financial year.

Age of business

Established for at least 2 years.

Nationality of business

Must be an Australian registered company. An Australian Company Number (ACN) is required.

Australian benefit

Export Finance Australia financially supports Australian exports of goods and services and overseas infrastructure development in our region. We need to make sure there is benefit flowing to Australia in connection with our financial support. An important source of Australian benefit is the economic activity stimulated in Australia by the presence of Australian content associated with a project or transaction. Australian content constitutes all inputs to a project or transaction that do not originate overseas. We also take into account other benefits to Australia. These other benefits can include (but are not limited to):

  • greater Australian participation in international supply chains
  • access to new markets or export opportunities for Australian businesses
  • more Australian jobs
  • payment of dividends or other financial proceeds from overseas to Australia
  • new research and development expenditure in Australia
  • Australian access to new products, intellectual property or technology

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Market gap

We don’t compete with the banks and only provide finance when your bank is unwilling or unable to do so.

Environmental social policy

You must agree to our Environmental Social Policy. Read it here.

Credit information policy

You must accept our Credit Information Policy. Read it here.

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