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Streamline Connect delivers turn-key telecommunications infrastructure solutions to its clients, from fibre installation and site civil works to network commissioning and integration. 


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Streamline Connect 1920.3


To secure and deliver on contracts with major mining companies, Streamline Connect needed to provide contract performance and warranty security. 


We provided Streamline Connect with the performance and warranty bonds required to take on new export-related contracts and free up the cash flow required for upfront mobilisation and materials costs of projects.   

Operating in an ever-evolving sector and with an increasing demand for its services, Streamline Connect is tendering against large tier-one contractors. With our financial support, the team is now securing increasingly larger contracts. 

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Streamline Connect delivers turn-key telecommunications infrastructure solutions to its clients, from fibre installation and site civil works to network commissioning and integration.

The team at Streamline Connect brings together a deep understanding of fibre and wireless communications delivery with the equipment and skilled workforce to construct complex projects across challenging landscapes.

As one of the smaller players getting that seat at the table, being able to show that we’ve got our financial house in order and say Export Finance Australia backs our business demonstrates that we’re credible.

Tony Farrell

Director, Streamline Connect

While its tier-one competitors bring strong design and project management expertise, they often need to subcontract the construction; Streamline Connect does both, Tony Farrell, Director at Streamline Connect, explained. “Our in-house delivery is a real point of difference for the business."

“As a small to medium-sized business, getting to the table can be challenging,” Tony highlighted. “We’re at the table now, but it has taken some years to get there, and when tendering on a large contract, being able to demonstrate competence is really important.” 

Strong banking relationships and increasing financial support  

With the materials component and plant expenses of a project often costing up to 50% of the overall contract, Streamline Connect required a working capital facility to deliver on large projects.  

“Our bank has been a strong supporter of ours for a number of years and introduced us to Export Finance Australia, suggesting it might be a good mechanism to get bank guarantees,” Tony said.  

“Because we do so much work with Australian-based mining companies, which ultimately export, we qualified as part of an export supply chain for funding from Export Finance Australia, even though we’re not exporting or currently operating overseas.” 

Decorative image - Streamline connect construction site

We provided Streamline Connect with a number of performance and warranty bonds, to help the business secure and deliver on its contract security requirements.  

“The finance from Export Finance Australia was a big support. Protecting cash flow, while mobilising larger projects was a significant risk and area of uncertainty for us and Export Finance Australia’s support helped materially,” Tony said.  

When working with the major miners, Tony pointed out that when they assess their risks in appointing a contractor, “being able to show that Export Finance Australia backs our business helps remove that concern for them.”  

“I would encourage businesses looking for finance in this space to develop a relationship with Export Finance Australia. 

“It has been great for us, and for small to medium businesses, it’s really good to get that support to win bigger projects and be more competitive.” 

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