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Our approach to complaints

We appreciate that complaints can give us important insights into how we might do things better.

Anyone can make a complaint, including our customers or any other person who is concerned with, or affected by, our services or activities.

How to make a complaint

If you’re a customer, we encourage you to speak to your account manager in the first instance to help resolve the issue. An executive member may also be able to help, together with your account manager.

If we still can’t resolve your issue and you’d like to make a complaint (or if you’d otherwise prefer to take this course of action in the first instance), you can do so by:

Please use one of the methods above to tell us about your complaint so the details are clear and complete. If you need help making a complaint or are unable to make it using one of the methods outlined above, please speak with your Export Finance Australia account manager or other internal contact who will assist.

If you don’t have an internal contact and need assistance, you can phone +61 (0)2 8273 5333 and ask to speak to a complaints handler.

What to include in your complaint

Although not required, it will help us respond to your complaint if you can provide:

  • your name and contact details
  • details of your complaint
  • whether you have had any previous contact with us on this or similar issues
  • the outcome you would like.

How we handle complaints

We aim to acknowledge receipt of a complaint within five business days and then respond to it within ten business days.

If there are complex circumstances, or if we need to liaise with third parties, our response may take a bit longer. In these circumstances, we’ll let you know what we’re doing and when you can expect to receive a reply.

We might also ask you to provide further details about your complaint to help us better address your concerns.

How we monitor complaints

Complaints are reported to our Executive and Board Audit and Risk Committee periodically.

Our Chief Risk Officer & General Counsel is responsible for managing this policy. Please note, this policy is subject to review in accordance with our Compliance Plan.

Your privacy and confidentiality

Any personal information you disclose to us as part of your complaint will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

If you make a complaint on behalf of another party (including as a campaign coordinator or aggregator system), we may require evidence of your authority and appropriate privacy law consents so we can correspond with you or the complainants on it.

We may also provide a standard response to complainants where the nature of the complaint is substantively the same (including by way of a single response to the coordinating party or system if responding to individual complaints is not reasonably practicable).

You can request that your complaint and identity (or the identity of a person you are representing) is kept confidential. We seek to respect such requests unless an applicable law or regulation, or any governmental body, requires or authorises that we disclose information. Please note, it may limit our ability to investigate your complaint if we can’t contact you to clarify or seek further information.

Please also note, we are subject to legislative and other confidentiality provisions that may limit our ability to provide information to you about third parties.

Things you should know

You will not be discriminated against because you have made a complaint.
You will not be charged a fee for making a complaint.
This policy does not apply to recruitment or employment-related complaints. We’ll refer these to the relevant contact internally for consideration.

If you’re not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint

If you’re not satisfied with our response or the way in which we’ve handled your complaint, you can write to complaint@exportfinance.gov.au requesting further internal review.

You’re also entitled to refer your concerns to the Commonwealth Ombudsman.