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Hall Contracting is a dredging, civil and marine construction business that operates across Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands.









Hall Contracting 1920X10802
Hall Contracting 1920X10802


To support mobilisation for two large-scale projects in the Pacific and Port Hedland, Western Australia, Hall Contracting needed bonds to back client cash advancements.


We provided Hall Contracting with bonds to support the delivery of its projects for clients in the Pacific Islands and Western Australia.

With a strong focus on supporting its clients in the Pacific, the team at Hall Contracting recognised a clear alignment between its vision and the Government’s emphasis on strengthening relations across the region.

Hall Contracting is a third-generation dredging, civil and marine construction business that has been in the industry for over 75 years. It operates across Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. Hall Contracting provides support to a diverse range of clients, including local governments, Australian Government councils, right through to developers, mining businesses and ports.

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In 2005 Hall Contracting recognised the need to have a permanent presence in Fiji to provide ongoing support to its clients in the Pacific.

“The Pacific is a very diverse group of islands. You really need to be able to build relationships with the local government and its people to understand their needs,” Daniel Rowlingson, Chief Financial Officer for Hall Contracting highlighted.

“Most recently, we were mobilising for several projects of significant scale for the business, while simultaneously enacting a step change in growth to be able to support our clients while their demands also increased,” Daniel explained.

Our marine civil and dredging solutions include port channel expansion, flood mitigation works and coastal protection works. We provide these solutions to a diverse range of clients in Australia and the Pacific. Export Finance Australia’s mandate has great alignment with our offerings, and its commercial approach has been well received. Export Finance Australia’s backing has been onboarded for a number of projects, with a long-term relationship expected to continue.

Daniel Rowlingson

Chief Financial Officer, Hall Contracting

Finance to help enable ongoing support in the Pacific Islands

When operating in the Pacific and across multiple contracts of various sizes, there can be large upfront capital commitments required for mobilisation.

“There is typically a lot of lead time for these projects that require an upfront capital commitment. It can be a bit of a ‘carriage before the horse’ problem that's common in big projects, and that's where Export Finance Australia has been able to step in and assist.”

We provided Hall Contracting with performance and advanced payment bonds to support the preparation for and delivery of three projects.

“The application process with Export Finance Australia was very professional. Great communication and engagement,” Daniel said. “We had a dedicated and committed team, we had a tight timeline, and they came to the table. It was excellent.”

Looking forward, Daniel said that the focus for Hall Contracting is to ensure the team can continue to deliver support to its clients.

“We’ll certainly be reaching out to Export Finance Australia when there are other opportunities that come through the pipeline.”