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Finance that is taking Australian businesses global

At Export Finance Australia, we’re providing flexible finance solutions that support exporters and infrastructure projects, to help build a stronger Australia.

Export Finance Australia has been helping businesses for over 65 years. Our customers are diverse and have included individuals who have built a business from their garage to become global brands, businesses that needed finance to win contracts to supply products to international customers and others that now have permanent operations in new countries.

Our global footprint reached 66 destinations during 2021–2022, with our finance supporting contracts and projects valued at $10.6 billion.

This support includes finance for 132 customers: small, medium and large businesses exporting from Australia, businesses that are part of a global supply chain as well as support for infrastructure projects across the region, critical minerals projects and defence exports.

What finance options are available?

Our role as Australia’s export credit agency enables us to support businesses large and small. From manufacturing, construction and mining services businesses to organisations that build and supply ships to global clients.

With our ability to support such a broad range of businesses, we offer a number of flexible financial products. These include loans, bonds, guarantees and project finance.

Working with our experts, you will build a solution that works for your business and may include one of, or a combination of, our finance solutions, such as:

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Project and Structured Finance

Customer success stories

We’re proud to be a part of our customers' growth journeys and be able to support their global success.

Our Small Business Export Loan helped Fox Farming grow its export business by 30% in the first year, and the bonding support we provided Alltype Engineering helped secure the business its single largest awarded contract, in its history.

Learn more about the diverse customers we have already helped to take their business global, here.

There are still many funding options from Export Finance Australia that we haven’t explored yet. The critical minerals sector is a growing segment in Australia and more projects seem to be coming online.

We have been able to capitalise on this growing market segment because of our relationship with Export Finance Australia and I look forward to that continuing in the future.

Robert Spadanuda

CEO, WestStar Industrial (Alltype Engineering is a subsidiary of WestStar Industrial.)