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Our procurement, purchasing and contracting arrangements

Our procurement arrangements are set out in our Procurement and Contracts Governance Policy. They reflect our corporate values, including our commitment to uphold best-practice environmental and social standards.

Our purchasing activities are guided by five core principles.

Value for money

Purchasing decisions require a value-for-money assessment that includes an evaluation of a range of factors.

They include:

  • a ‘whole-of- life’ value evaluation
  • whether the supplier is an Indigenous business
  • the avoidance of non-transparent costs
  • supplier’s competence and viability.


We take a holistic view of value for money, with purchasing decisions not driven by price alone. This gives us the flexibility to procure goods and services that help us meet our sustainability objectives.

Effective competition

Wherever feasible, we seek competitive tendering for significant procurements and obtain a range of quotes for smaller purchases. We aim to ensure SMEs have the opportunity to provide competitive offers or proposals and that overall bidding costs do not deter suppliers.

Ethics and fair dealing

We make sure our purchasing is consistent with the ethical principles outlined in our Code of Conduct and Fraud Control Policy.

Dealing with complaints

We handle any complaints about our purchasing process in a fair, non-discriminatory manner. The initiation of a complaint won’t prejudice a supplier’s participation in future procurement processes. Anyone seeking to make a complaint about our purchasing process can do so using our complaints mechanism.

Export Finance Australia is subject to Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs) for all procurement activities above the following thresholds:

  • $400,000 for property or services other than construction services
  • $7,500,000 for construction services.

We disclose all relevant procurement on AusTender in line with Commonwealth Procurement Rules.

The Commonwealth Procurement Rules reflect the Australian Government’s Sustainable Procurement Guide.