Purpose and Principles

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Export Finance Australia provides financial support to Australian based companies which are exporting, in the global supply chain or seeking to grow internationally

Export Finance Australia’s primary purpose is to facilitate and encourage Australian export trade on a commercial basis.

We assist customers such as:

  • Small to Medium Enterprises and larger domestic exporters,
  • Australian companies participating in export focused global supply chains, and
  • Australian companies conducting business and investing in emerging and frontier markets.

We assist these customers specifically, by providing financial services in circumstances where they have been unable to source adequate finance from the private sector.  We do not compete with the private sector.

We encourage banks and other financial institutions in Australia to support Australian businesses internationally.

Export Finance Australia also assists the Federal Government by providing financial services to Australian exporters considered by the Government to be in the national interest.


Provide products and services as efficiently and economically as possible

Export Finance Australia operates on a commercial and transparent basis.  We seek to support customers in an efficient and cost effective manner. Our Board and management seek to manage Export Finance Australia prudently to ensure its long term viability.

Fulfilment of our people

Export Finance Australia supports all employees to reach their full potential and to achieve an appropriate balance between personal and professional priorities as well as diversity in our workplace.  We encourage accountability amongst our employees in their respective roles.

Operate within a risk framework consistent with our primary purpose

Export Finance Australia’s Board supervises the affairs of Export Finance Australia including determining our policies and a risk framework that is consistent with our purpose and resources.  Our people conduct our business within this framework.

Uphold best-practice environmental, social and governance standards

Export Finance Australia’s Board, management and our people are committed to uphold best-practice environmental, social and governance standards.

Constructive and supportive relationship with the Government

Export Finance Australia seeks to have an open, constructive and transparent relationship with the Commonwealth Government and key Departments.  Regular and effective communication enables Export Finance Australia to understand the priorities of Government across trade and investment, treasury, finance, small business and employment.