Our performance in 2017–18 has been a positive one and has contributed significantly to the activities of Australian exporters and the Australian export economy.

  • We supported 160 Australian businesses with $194 million of facilities, supporting $1.39 billion of export contracts.
  • Our annual Commercial Account pre-tax profit was $19.8 million and $13.9 million post-tax, which exceeded our budgeted pre-tax profit of $15.8 million and budgeted post-tax profit of $11.1 million.
  • Our support contributed A$1.15 billion of Australia's GDP, an increase of 41% from last year.
  • Our facilities supported 7,600 jobs in Australia, an increase of 35% from last year.

View a PDF version of the Annual Report here.

Please note from 1 July 2019 Efic is trading under our new name of Export Finance Australia. Reporting published prior to this date will be branded Efic.